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Usher Ministry


Our Mission:

The Usher/Greeter Ministry’s primary mission is to “serve” while exemplifying Christ and the church as they greet everyone with welcoming smile.
In addition, the ushers and greeters strive to  assist the Pastor in maintaining a warm, hospitable atmosphere of spiritual reverence to all who worship.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Serves as official doorkeepers.
  • Escorts members and guests to their seats
  • Assists with needs during the worship service
  • Performs duties with the grace and dignity that reflect the spiritual harmony of the church
  • Exhibits a warm, friendly personality keeping in mind the spiritual tranquility of the service
  • Assist in facilitating the order of service in conjunction with the desires and expectations of the Pastor.
  • Makes every effort to attend Usher/Greeter ministry meetings as well as arrives 30 minutes before Sunday worship service begins to make sure that the house of the Lord is ready for the congregation



Interested in Serving as an Usher or Greeter?

If you have a servant’s heart and would like to be a part of the Usher/Greeter Ministry, please contact Eddie Taylor at or the church office at 408-259-7474.


Ongoing Training

In an effort to strengthen the Usher ministry, monthly training is provided to all ushers.  A well-trained usher is one that can master situations that may come up during a Church service.


Psalms 84:10

“For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”


President of the Usher Board:  Bro. Edward Taylor

Vice-President of Usher Board:  TBD

Greeter In-charge:   Sis. Yvonne McDuffie


LCF Usher Schedule

1st Sundays:  David E., Ramon G., Elvira G., Sandra G., Richard J.

2nd Sundays:  Eddie T., Yvette B., Willie C., Pat G., Yvonne M., Victor M.

3rd Sundays:  Eddie T., Yvette B., Willie C., Sandra G., Richard J.,  Yvonne M.

4th Sundays:  Willie C., Ramon G., Elvira G.

5th Sundays:  Eddie T., Pat G., Richard J.

Floaters:  Eddie T., Willie C., Pat G., Richard J.

LCF Greeter Schedule:

1st, 4th & 5th Sundays:  Yvonne M.

2nd & 3rd Sundays:  Yvette B.


Always wear name badge and white gloves.

Women:   White blouse, Black skirt, Black jacket, Black stockings, Black shoes preferably with closed heel and toes (NO pants except for 4th Sunday)

Men:   White shirt, Black suit, Black tie, Black shoes

Fourth Sundays:   Casual but in uniform colors – Women: Black pants and Black sandals are OK.  (Everyone:  NO Shorts and NO Sleeveless/Tank Tops)

Greeter:   Regular Sunday clothes.  Women, dress modestly.  Wear name badge.

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