• Need Prayer?

Need Prayer?

Importance of Prayer:

Prayer is extremely important. God desires to have fellowship with us and to talk with us. Think how it would be if you were a child and you walked around your house all day and never said anything to your parents. You never told them you loved them, never told them your joys, your hurts, or never told them what needs you had. It would be quite unbearable, especially knowing how much they loved you and would do anything for you. How much more our heavenly father wants to meet our needs and to talk with us.


Intercessory Prayer:

The Bible tells us we are helpers one to another. Here at Logos, we would love to pray for you. We have intercessory prayer every Monday evening at 6:00P.M. We also have those in the body who are willing, as individuals, to pray for you. Please let us know!


We know that God hears and answers our prayers. Feel comfortable in giving your requests for prayer.


  • If you have a need for prayer, please submit your prayer request to our intercessory prayer team by completing the Prayer Request Form below.
  • If you have an immediate need for prayer you may call the church office at 408-259-7474.
  • We know God is faithful to answer, so  share your answered prayer with us by sending an email to Admin@logoscf.org



Prayer Request Form:



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