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  • Parents of Purpose (POP)
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Parents of Purpose Ministry (POP)

Parents of Purpose Ministry (POP) was conceived as a result of our pastor’s strong desire to offer Biblical guidelines as a standard for training and raising godly children.


Our Mission:

Our goal is to help parents understand their responsibility to their children and to help them get an understanding of how to “Train their children in the way they should go” – Proverbs 6:22.
  • Children are a gift  from God to parents. There are both privileges and responsibilities resulting from this gift. Gen. 48:9; Psa.127: 3; Isa.8:18

Ministry Leaders:










First Lady Starr Neal













Minister Minister Lola Perkins


Areas of Focus:

  • Parents responsibility to their children
  • Children’s responsibility to their parents
  • Communication between parents and children
  • Children reflecting their Christian values at school
  • Recognition of children’s physical and spiritual needs
  • Biblical principals of discipline
  • The importance of  family bible study



A Strong Church Family

Logos Christian Fellowship recognizes that in order to have a strong church family, individual families must also be strengthened.  The participants in the class are excited to learn how profitable the word of  God is for doctrine,  for reprimand, for correction for instruction in righteousness.  2 Timothy 3:16


Sharing Experiences

We  encourage parents and guardians to freely share their experiences so that everyone benefits from hearing about them.   After attending the  class, parents are finding out that their concerns are not so different from the concerns of other parents.  In fact, many individuals and families have been blessed by attending the Parents of Purpose Ministry–POP.



Monthly Meetings:

The class is held on the first Sunday of every month after worship service. 











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